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Slovenšč portal offers language technology tools for Slovene to research organisations, companies and the general public. Language tools offered on the portal are crucial for language survival in the digital age.

List of tools and resources

Source code and language datasets are available under open licenses and can be integrated in business solutions without limitations.

Links to demonstration portals, source code and open-access language datasets can be found on the list of tools and resources.

List of tools and resources

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»We have developed Jezikovnik, a language service that enables our employees to use slovenšč tools in our company environment.«


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»The company Semantika already integrates language models based on the results of the project into the web version of its Galis software package. The Galis web portal will be enhanced with the possibilities offered by the summariser, named entity recognition modeland the terminology portal.«

Named entity recognition

Demonstration videos

In the Development of Slovene in a Digital Environment project (2020-2023) around 120 researchers and developers worked together in a large consortium led by the University of Ljubljana.

The consortium was composed of twelve institutions - three universities, three of the largest research institutes and six companies.

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