Web services from the Development of Slovene in a Digital Environment project

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Machine translation service for the English-Slovene language pair

Speech recognition

Speech-to-text service for Slovene

Terminology portal

A terminology portal with tools for production of terminological resources and term-extraction.

Named entity recognition

Identification of personal names, organizations, place names and other names in texts

Relation extraction

Identification of named entities and their relations in the text

Coreference resolution

Identification of named entities and coreferences in the text


Automatic text summarization

Question answering

Providing answers to questions, based on a given text

Word sense disambiguation

Identification of word senses in context

Text contribution: corpus Gigafida

The portal for contributing texts for the Gigafida reference corpus.

Text contribution: corpus Šolar

The portal for contributing school texts for the Šolar corpus.

Text contribution: translation corpus

The portal for contributing texts for training machine translation.

CJVT Označevalnik

A tool for automatic annotation od Slovene texts.

CJVT Svala [beta version]

A tool for manual annotation of corrected texts.

Commonsense reasoning

A tool for automatic generation of commonsense descriptions in natural language.

Semantic change detection

A tool for semantic change detection for given words.